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Run Rachel Run---Chapter 8---Captain Blue’s Act of Freedom

Captain Blue met with his crew after meeting with some other ship captains who considered him a great friend. He told them about the plan he and the other captains had decided to execute. The plan was to rescue all the slaves taken aboard the ‘Slave Ship’ and then they would take them to one of the Captain’s Islands that he made into a town for people just like them.

On his Island he had a regular town with many stores, homes, parks, schools, two hospitals and churches. Everyone who lived there now owned their own businesses and enjoyed life without paying taxes. Captain Blue only allowed his friends and their ships to dock on his Islands. And of course they purchased from the locals who owned the stores.

Daily the Farmer’s Market opened to everyone with the freshest vegetable, fruits, meats, baked good and handmade jewelry and clothes. The Island had a sewing factory which made clothes for the Islanders and to sell. The best trained men the captain could find protected this paradise. And, the best part these men lived on the Island with their families therefore, their loyalty to the Island and Captain Blue went unchallenged.

Captain Blue asked Bones to watch out for Rachel and keep her safe in her cabin while he and his friends with four other ships stopped the slave ship and took the men, women and children aboard safely. And, when Captain Blue made any plan the men carried it out to the last detail.

Early before the fog lifted from the sea and the sunlight stayed hidden behind the mist---five ships surround the Slave ship, and took the people off and put them on their ships. Then the slave ship’s captain listened closely while told to never enter their waters again or his ship would be blown to bits. The man stood before all the Captains and each one made him look them in the face and say that he understood. The slave ship captain could not get away fast enough from the vicious looking captains.

 The shackles quickly removed from the men, women and children and thrown in a barrel for future use in constructing additional parks and homes they would be making on the Island for other people. The people were from different races, Africans, Germans, Spaniards, Caucasians, French and Greek. Everyone cheered and praised the captains.

Each family would be given money to start their own businesses, homes, food, and the children would receive an education. Today started out with these people feeling helpless with no hope for the future, and now to see the happiness on their faces of the 265 people they saved today---made it all worth the risk---- for the captains.

Bones looked into Rachel cabin after knocking and told her Captain Blue had a surprise for her on the Island and he would take her to him. Rachel appeared dressed in a beautiful blue and white dress that faded next to her beauty. Captain Blue waited on the dock at bottom of the ramp and gave Rachel his hand to help her on the dock. However, Rachel did not let his hand go as she held his huge hand in her silky delicate one.
Captain Blue never felt before the rush of such happiness and love he now experienced just holding her hand. 

Rachel looked up into his beautiful eyes and asked,
“Is the surprise something wonderful that happened today?”

“Yes, it is my Dear Rachel and we are almost there.”

Captain Blue and Rachel went inside the large white church with its full congregation and he led her up front. Then he told the audience that it was Rachel who cried when she saw them being led on the slave ship and came back to their ship so distraught that the men immediately told him about it. 

So, he said, “I would not ever have known about your danger in becoming a slave if not for Rachel. I wanted everyone to know that one woman can make a difference in our world, so if you can help someone in your future---please pass the love on to someone else.”

Everyone stood and clapped and some of the women walked forward with their children to thank Rachel, and they all had tears in their eyes as they talked together, others stood back softly crying tear of happiness. 

Bones had set up table for all to eat outside in the cool sea breeze. After everyone had dined each family went to their new homes to start their wonderful life on the Island.

Rachel hugged and kissed Captain Blue on his cheek and he hugged her back---thinking it was too soon for him to kiss her as they walked to his two-storied home on the Island in the twilight---but there was always tomorrow.

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Run Rachel Run---Chapter 7

Captain Blue stood at the helm thinking about dinner the night before with the lovely vision dressed in pink. Rachel’s popularity soared out of sight when all the crew feasted their eyes on her. They meant no disrespect with their staring as they would kill any man who hurt her.

Rachel has taken each crew member beginning with Bones, cut their hair, shaved their beards, trimmed eyebrows and gave them lessons in hygiene. She suggested they pick out one person to do their laundry and they would all share the person’s duties on the ship.

Now Captain Blue’s crew looked more like deacons of the church than a ship’s crew, but he it pleased him very much for his men to smell good and look clean. It seemed they took more pride in the cleaning of the ship, as it shined from daily scrubbing and polishing.

They were near the Cape of Good Hope and luck was with them as the winds force decreased for the last few nautical miles, just before Captain Blue guided the large vessel into a private dock in an underwater cave.

The crew completed their duties, and then Bones gave the orders to lower the gangplank for all the crew to leave the ship, but not the biggest and strongest as they became Rachel’s body guards. Rachel told the four men who were protecting her: “I appreciate you doing this, but I feel badly that you are not enjoying Africa like the others.”

They replied that tonight would be their turn to go as Captain Blue told them he would be aboard the ship with some of the crew. Their orders came from the Captain---not to let her out of their sight.

Rachel took time to dress for her adventure and just before Captain Blue departed from the ship he gave Rachel a bag of gold coins to buy anything she wanted in the African fishing village.

A little later Rachel departed with her four body guards into a world where she found beauty in the colorful clothes the Africans wore. She saw beautiful children all who seem well taken care of and loved. She went through their market place and found beautiful shells and pearl jewelry, straw hats and baskets. Some women were selling baked goods and spices. Fruits, vegetables sold fresh and canned fruits, jams, jellies and preserves.

Rachel enjoyed her visit until returning to the ship she saw men and women in shackles going up the gangplank of another ship. Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks---the four body guards immediately stood in front of her so she could no longer see the gruesome site of purchased slaves.

When she looked up at each man tears were glistening and threatening to fall from her beautiful eyes. Later each man swore they would never forget the day she cried when she saw slaves for the first time. They took her up their gangplank with all her purchases.

Rachel went silently to her cabin and thanked the men as they put her packages down. When they left she fell across her bed and cried as if brokenhearted. She could not believe humans could treat other humans with such cruelty and disrespect. She cried until she fell asleep.

When Captain Blue returned to the ship the four body guards told him what happened and he flew to Rachel’s cabin and entered without knocking. He found her asleep still dressed with her face still wet from tears. It broke his heart that she was a witness to such heartlessness of the present times, such greed of some worthless men.

Captain Blue stealthfully left the cabin and called Bones and the four body guards to his galley. He had a plan and it would be carried out within the next few days. Rachel would not be sad any longer when he showed her his surprise.
Continued on Chapter 8

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