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Monday, July 15, 2013

Run Rachel Run---Chapter 4

Chapter 4

                                                                      Rachel Finds a Friend

Rachel was right back where she started as she barely escaped the cutthroat pirates who silently boarded Captain Z’s ship and killed everyone even the kind and handsome Captain Z. Lady luck had vacated her space and now she was worse off than she began---because she now had the memories of the attack. She had stealthfully climbed down the anchor chain and swam back to shore. She was now behind the same old vessel on the beach, drying her clothes and waiting for another opportunity to leave this place and start a new life.

A giant of a man stood smoking on the deck of his ship; while high above his head one could hear a flapping sound as the ocean breeze gathered strength. The noise came from a black and white flag “Live or Die” was written on it--- it continued to snap in the force of the wind. The name of the ship---Live or Die---did not mean what everyone thought. The crew knew it meant if you do not live this one life in joy and peace then your spirit dies. But others not knowing the true meaning stayed clear of the vessel of fear and it’s Captain.

The owner was a man who was feared by all---all but the crew who worked for him---they respected him alright but they knew him to have a tender heart and they worshiped him for his kindness. Others trembled in his presents because of the stories spread across the oceans of the world in 1700’s. His name was Blue Gabriel because his eyes were so blue they appear to shock the ones who dared to look into them--- into complete silence. He was one of few Welsh pirates that sail the seas with his cargo to deliver around the world to countries others were afraid to visit. And no one had the pleasure of knowing his real name, nor was there anyone brave enough to ask.

The women who met him---all wanted this handsome pirate with his blue eyes and black wavy hair. Every woman who saw him wanted to taste his full lips and to test his love making to find out if he was fierce or gentle. His body was toned and muscled with biceps bigger than a gentle ladies waist. Many had witnessed in battle---their Captain Blue killing a man with one hand---while fighting with his sword with the other.

So this big gentle specimen of a man was not to be dishonored by lies when his real actions were witnessed by many of friends and foes. Before Captain Blue’s ship left any harbor the word spread where he was bound for---and the smart ones gave him a clear and unchallenged journey.

But tonight Captain Blue was about to be surprised by a beautiful young girl who was to become a stow away on his ship; however--- he would not be aware of it until they sailed for two days on their destination to Eagle Nest Island. Captain Blue owned this Island and had a small army of pirates protecting it. The Island was a small town with shops, eateries, doctor offices with a small hospital, three churches and a large school.
                                                                  Eagle Nest Island
Captain Blue started this Island town with his own money and kept it going until the businesses were secure on their own. Now all the Island people had their own money to build fine homes and live a great life and they did---thanks to his support initially.

Rachel had dressed in her blue dress which matched her eyes and brushed her long blonde hair out and was plaiting it into a long braid. At the same time one of the crew members was sent below where the cargo was kept--- (where she was hiding) --- to get a keg of wine for Captain Blue. Now the crew member sent  was one of the kind-heartiest old men on board. His name was Bones and everyone guessed it was given to him because he was so skinny, but he very strong for his size and age.

When Bones looked over the cargo and reached for a special keg of wine---he saw Rachel and was shocked senseless because he thought she was an Angel. Because her appearance to him was Angelic as well as beautiful and the light from the small window shined like a halo over her blonde hair. He could not talk but put the keg down and ran up the stairs right into Captain Blue. And when he could speak he said two words---Angel-Angel and pointed below into the cargo hole.

Captain Blue followed Bones down into the cargo hole and over to where he was pointing and there was Rachel still plaiting her long hair. Well Captain Blue could not speak either---because it truly was an Angel and she was on his ship.

While both men stood staring Rachel finally--- felt she was being watched and looked the Captain in the eyes and for what seem like an eternity they both stared without speaking.
                                                        Old Wine Keg
Captain Blue spoke first, “Young lady you have stowed away on my ship and May I ask why?”

Rachel replied, “You do not speak like a pirate, but I still will warn you I can throw a knife.”

For some reason Bones and the Captain thought her reply was funny because they both smiled. Well---that was the wrong thing to do---because quicker than a flash of lightning a pearl handle knife went flying by the Captain’s head and what was even more amazing he caught it without looking away from Rachel’s baby blue eyes.

Now Rachel was scared and like once before she fainted, but was caught in powerful arms that barely felt the weight of her young body. The Captain walked up the stairs carrying Rachel and walked past all his crew who was gaping and enjoying the beauty of an Angel which Bones whispered to them as they past.

When Rachel woke up she was alone in a beautiful suite surrounded with cherry wood furniture---so rich and polished with pieces of jade, bone knives, swords of all shapes and sizes hung on the walls. Mementos from around the world decorated the rooms and an opened trunk was full of books ready to be read. The bed she was in was the biggest bed she had ever seen---she knew a whole family could sleep here.

When a soft knock sounded and then a voice asked if he could enter---Rachel replied “Yes.”
Bones came in with a tray of food that smelled so heavenly---Rachel could not help herself she hopped out of the bed and sat at the big table in one of the huge chairs and was happy to be served. But first she thanked Bones for his kindness and his face turned red and he just nodded his head because he still could not speak to an Angel.

To be continued.

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