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Monday, September 23, 2013

Run Rachel Run---Chapter 6

Rachel woke to stormy weather with rain slamming fiercely against the swaying ship; it rocked so much she could barely get out of bed. And, when she did, she could not stand without holding to the bedpost. Just when she thought she would never be able to move again. 

Bones knocked and entered inundating the cabin as he pushes through the strong door, to place the tray of coffee and buns on the table. He sees the frozen Rachel who looked petrified holding on to the bedpost. Bones walked over to her and offered his arm to take her to the table that was safely bolted to the floor. She thanks Bones as he poured her coffee and then he leaves her to finish her breakfast and get dressed.

Rachel knew they were sailing to Africa, but she was not aware of the perils of getting there, but she began to ponder if the ship would be in one piece when and if they landed. Bones came back to her cabin and told her Captain Blue was at the helm so no need to fear, as they travel this stormy route many times before. 

Bones place a trunk on the table and told Rachel these were some of the dresses the Captain brought to trade with Africa’s tradesmen; and he wanted her to see if there were any to her liking. Then, Bones bowed and left her alone with her little treasures.

Rachel opened the trunk to see some of the most beautiful dresses, made of silk trimmed in lace of every kind one could image and with pearls and pearl buttons adorned on some of them. And, undergarments, shoes, hair-combs, hats to match the dresses, including little string purses to match the shoes. Everything was so lovely she did not know where to begin her private fashion show.

Finally, Rachel selected the soft-silky pink one with hair-combs, shoes and purse to match. And, at the very bottom of the trunk was a box of jewelry fit for a Queen. She chose the white and pink pearls for her ears, no necklace would she wear; to take away from the beauty of the dress.

She had just applied the finishing touches when the door blew open and in walked Captain Blue. Wet from his head to his toes, but stopped in his tracks when he saw a vision of loveliness standing before him. He could not speak or think for several minutes, then a big smile appeared on his face and his blue eyes sparkled and softened at the sight before him.

He said: “I will go into my closet room and change, when we will dine together if that to your liking?”
Rachel began to thank him for the lovely dress she chose and Captain Blue said they were all hers---everything in the trunk was hers---and she would get more after his trading with Africa. Then he left her to dress for dinner.

Rachel daydreamed about Africa while the Captain dressed, would it be a wonderland of beauty, filled with friendly people and wild animals? She could only hope this adventure would be as great as the one she now lived.

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