Saturday, February 23, 2013

Run Rachel Run---Chapter 3

Chapter 3

He said softly.” My name is Zachary Bonanski---I am known as Captain Z---as I am sure you have heard of me.” His dark green eyes questioned and survey her beauty.


Rachel’s long blonde hair tumbled down her back past her waist as she stood. Both Captain Z and his man servant stood frozen until she let out a sob from pure fear. She had never been in the presents of such furious looking man servant and such a handsome man before and then she fainted.


All the ship mates were very aware something was going on with Captain Z and they hoped they could help in some way---as the he always had his men’s back and they had his.


When Rachel opened her eyes it was dark out and a storm was brewing---she could tell because the ship was rocking harder now. But for some reason not known to her---she did not get sea sick like most people do. She awoke hungry and thirsty so she began to look around for something to eat and drink.


Just then a knock on the door and in walked Captain Z with a tray of food and drink. Rachel smiled and thanked him for being so kind to her---and no sooner had the words left her mouth the ship lunched and she landed in his arms. When she looked up he was looking down with the most amazing look of surprise on his face.


Rachel pushed back a little but his arms stayed around her body and then with his hand to the small of her back he led her to a chair. After seating Rachel he put her plate in front of her and a cup of the blackest coffee she had ever seen.


The he said, “If you need anything else---Godfrey my best mate is standing guard outside your door---just let him know and I will check on you later.”

Continued for more of “Run Rachel Run.”

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