Saturday, February 23, 2013

Run Rachel Run---Chapter One

Chapter 1

Rachel hid behind an old ship wreck--- dry docked on the beach. Since the new year of 1710 it seemed her luck proved to be bad. First her mama died from the flu pandemic and then her father shipped off as a shipmate on the Purple Cross---he did not tell her when he would be back.


Her father left a half-breed Indian who was a great friend of theirs to watch his Rachel. Rachel trusted Long Legs but she did not want to be a bother to anyone and he had a large family to take care of and feed. She could take care of herself---and now she would.


At 16 Rachel was full grown---but unlike her many schoolmates she did not want to married and raise a bunch of children. Anyone could do that---she wanted her life to mean something. She wanted to travel the world and then decide where she wanted to live.


Then she would begin her dream of making beautiful dresses from her drawings. Rachel was very artistic. And as crude and uneducated the town she lived in was---the towns people still appreciated Rachel’s talent.


Rachel would begin her adventure tonight by becoming a stow-away on the Black Hawk. She had done her investigating about the captain and found out he was fierce but kind to ladies.


So Rachel went home to pack all her belongings including her new acquired make-up of rice powder, rouge, and lip color. She was proud of the new dresses she made from her drawings---they made her look older than her 16 years.


Long Legs had taught her how to throw a knife and her father taught her how to dance around a fighter who was throwing punches. She was strong and savvy and was ready for her new adventure---but first she had to write her father and Long Legs a letter of good-bye and let them know what ship she was on.


Now after all is said and done---and Rachel was packed and ready for her plan to take place---her hands trembled a little as she held her satchel. She waited in her hiding place behind an old wrecked ship from the last storm.

Run Rachel Run---Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Rachel looked around at her home town Rotterdam---and she smiled as it was one of the biggest seaports in the Netherlands and maybe the World. She hated to leave but with promising herself she would return to visit---especially since her dear mother was buried in the church cemetery. She already said her byes to her mother when she left her a bouquet of lavender roses on her grave. The roses came from her mother favorite rose bush and bloomed most of the year---with roses that felt like velvet--- with their fragrance floating on the sea breeze. This is a memory she will always take with her---and some cutting from the rose bush.


Rachel waited until all the mates and the Captain were aboard the ship and asleep or in a drunken stew. The stealfully she boarded the ship between the lights from the old buildings on the dock and the shadows of the night.


She chose to stow-away in the Captain’s dinghy which was in a secluded concave by his quarters. She manage to get all her belonging in and herself and covered the dinghy back with the tarp.


Soon Rachel was fast asleep in her hide-away and did not notice that someone was watching her play out her little stow away plan with a smile on his handsome face.


Rachel woke up with the ship rocking and in a strange bed. And just when she was trying to understand where she was a loud banging on the big wooden door caused her to scream out.


Pushing past the man outside with a breakfast tray was the captain tall dark and handsome was just the tip of his aura. He rushed to Rachel’s side and took her hand and looked deeply into her light blue eyes that shined like a beacon to his heart.


Run Rachel Run---Chapter 3

Chapter 3

He said softly.” My name is Zachary Bonanski---I am known as Captain Z---as I am sure you have heard of me.” His dark green eyes questioned and survey her beauty.


Rachel’s long blonde hair tumbled down her back past her waist as she stood. Both Captain Z and his man servant stood frozen until she let out a sob from pure fear. She had never been in the presents of such furious looking man servant and such a handsome man before and then she fainted.


All the ship mates were very aware something was going on with Captain Z and they hoped they could help in some way---as the he always had his men’s back and they had his.


When Rachel opened her eyes it was dark out and a storm was brewing---she could tell because the ship was rocking harder now. But for some reason not known to her---she did not get sea sick like most people do. She awoke hungry and thirsty so she began to look around for something to eat and drink.


Just then a knock on the door and in walked Captain Z with a tray of food and drink. Rachel smiled and thanked him for being so kind to her---and no sooner had the words left her mouth the ship lunched and she landed in his arms. When she looked up he was looking down with the most amazing look of surprise on his face.


Rachel pushed back a little but his arms stayed around her body and then with his hand to the small of her back he led her to a chair. After seating Rachel he put her plate in front of her and a cup of the blackest coffee she had ever seen.


The he said, “If you need anything else---Godfrey my best mate is standing guard outside your door---just let him know and I will check on you later.”

Continued for more of “Run Rachel Run.”

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Rope Belt


He walked the long dirt road zigzagging around the pines and Oak trees

he walked everyday---alone,

He was a young dad working in the saw mills---getting little in pay to bring home.


His shirt collar wet with sweat showed a wide ring of embedded dirt,

He dragged his left foot that always hurt.


From a previous accident---saw milling in the Everglades,

His foot was caught between two saw blades.


It took months to heal,

But he was still paid---which was unreal.


The Saw Boss was mean but fair,

With most others---he showed no care.


His body seemed older than his 30 years,

It hurt so badly at times---it almost brought tears.


But a Dad he was---a single parent to boot,

His dead wife’s people never gave a hoot.


So he took care of his little boy unaided,

With the help of his mother whose hair was now faded.


Every Sunday to church they walked,

While little Tomas just talked and talked.


Tomas was now three years old---and very bright,

He asked his Dad---Why Dad—do you always work until night?


His father said--- Son---I pray you never will,

Get your schooling and live high on the hill.


Tomas watched his dad leave early before light,

With his pants held up by an old rope pulled tight.


The picture of his dad walking through the morning darkness in the dew,

Stayed in his heart forever---he knew a dad like his---was very few.


As time passed Tomas left for a higher education,

But the war was coming---he might fight for this great nation.


His Dad waved bye at the train station---with his eyes full,

His son was now a man---a tear ran free---and Tomas took no bull.


He was tired and weary as he walked back home,

For truly now he was all alone.


But his presents on earth will always be felt,

Years later Tomas by his Dad’s graves knelt.


Around the flowers on the coffin was place with great love,

An old dirty rope---attached with a note--- For You Dad in the Above.


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Great-Great Grandmother's Grave

I visit it as often as I can in the spring time when the sweet wild flowers blooms and the Hummingbirds buzzed from one sweet bloom to another.

Stories told from family members through the years tell about how brave she was as a tall thin woman who--- more than one time used a whip on men that mistreated their families. She would not tolerate any woman, children or older folks being mistreated.

And if her whip was not enough she had eight (8) big boys who cherished their Mama and would take care of anyone she felt was being cruel to their family.

So the community around the little village where she dwelled with her family became a wonderful place to bring up children who were cherished, loved and well taken care of by both parents.

I found a letter once from a member of her church---the letter was so old and faded and I could barely read it. The best I could make out it said---I want to thank you for making my life into what I always hoped it would be with a loving husband who was kind and loved his family.

My husband said he did not know how to be what I wanted from him until your boys showed him and talked to him after they got his attention with their fist.

My family thanks you and that includes my husband. Bless you for caring about the women of this village.

I folded the letter and put it back into the old family trunk in the attic. I always thought of this attic as a door to another time since all I found in it came from another time.
wild flowers, spring time,
I wished we had a time machine so I could go back in time and visit her and let her know that she meant so much to so many and her family members and descendants are so proud of her.

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